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Rosethorn Tennis Club is a community-based club located in Etobicoke, Ontario close to main intersections Kipling Avenue and Rathburn Road, with 3 hard courts that are lit at night until 11 pm from May to October inclusive.
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Rosethorn Tennis Club Constitution

Rosethorn Tennis Club abides by the policies outlined in the Constitution. To view the Constitution click here.
The purpose of this club is: 
To provide recreational tennis for the community. 
To promote and aid in the instruction of players of all levels. 
To set up rules to ensure a properly run tennis club.

Court Changeover

Court changeover is on the hour. Courts must be vacated immediately at the bell if players are waiting. Please do not ask to finish a point, game or set. Please relinquish the court politely.

Membership cards

Membership cards are available to identify you as a legitimate Rosethorn member and are for the sole use of the paid member. It is in the interest of all members to enforce membership priority on the courts, so every member should be prepared to show their membership card if requested. Membership cards can be accessed in your member account by logging in to your personal profile. You should print out a hard copy or save a soft copy to your cell phone or other device and have it with you when using the courts.

Tennis Attire

Appropriate dress, including a suitable tennis shirt is mandatory and is a courtesy to fellow members. Proper non-marking tennis shoes are also mandatory to prevent damage to our court surface.

Public Hours

Public hours are on Saturdays from 7-11pm and Sundays from 9-11 pm. These hours are  intended for both club members and residents of Etobicoke. Club hours are any other time. Public hours are a great opportunity for Rosethorn to show the benefits and standards of our club with respect to court etiquette, changeovers and appropriate dress. Non-members have no privileges during club hours.


Online Court Booking Rules:

  • Members can reserve courts up to 48 hours in advance of the time they wish to play with other members, and can only book in advance one 1-hour time slot a day.
  • The member making the booking must list the full name(s) of the other playing member(s) in the Booking Title field
  • The booking member and/or the other listed playing member(s) cannot book a court for consecutive time slots, or be part of a booking in a consecutive time slot. You can, however, remain on the court for the succeeding hour if the court has not been booked and if no members are waiting to use the court as a walk-on.
  • Members must cancel their reservation if it will not be used. Cancellations can be made online until 1 hour before the reserved court time. If the member does not show up within 10 minutes after the reserved time, it is considered a no-show and the booking is considered cancelled. No-shows will have booking privileges suspended for 7 days.
  • Member walk-ons are allowed between the 10th-15th minute of the hour if the court is available. Walk-on play does not count towards the 1-hour limit per day allowed for the member as this is unplanned play.
  • Advanced online court booking is not available during Public Hours, Saturdays 7-11pm and Sundays 9-11pm. Walk-on play only is permitted.
  • Failure to comply with Online Court Booking rules may result in suspension of booking and playing privileges.

Rosethorn Contracted Professionals

Rosethorn Contracted professionals are entitled to one court for teaching at specified times, but shall specifically not include Saturday and Sunday mornings and times of regular club activities and socials. In addition, all courts may be used from 4-6pm Monday to Friday in the spring and fall for the Junior after school program. Two courts are reserved for Junior Summer Camp in the mornings and one court in the afternoon during the summer weekdays. Only Pros or Assistant Pros are allowed to sign up for blocks of courts ahead of time, and only for the purposes of giving lessons. Only Rosethorn contracted professionals are allowed to use hoppers of balls on the court. No professionals other than those associated under contract with Rosethorn are allowed to teach on Rosethorn courts.

Balls on Courts

No member may have more than 6 balls on a court so that balls do not disturb other members. Members of the Executive or Shot Selections staff reserve the right to ask any member to reduce to three balls on any court if it appears that a lesson is taking place.

Portable Toilet

The portable toilet is available for club members only from mid April until the end of October. It is each club member's responsibility to keep the facility clean. It is the Club’s responsibility to maintain the facility and therefore it is not available to Non members. Please help us to maintain this rule in a reasonable manner.


No one should be on the courts or within the court enclosure if they are not participating in play. This is for the safety of both players and spectators. If necessary, please confer with on-court players through the fence at the end of the courts. This is especially important if bringing children to the courts.

Please Help Protect Our Courts

Only tennis equipment is allowed on courts. No skateboards or bikes are allowed. 
Should you see anyone allowing dogs on the court, or any other inappropriate activities, please ask these people to cease these activities immediately..

Club Activities

All club activities are posted on our Rosethorn website so court times are restricted during these times. Any general inquiries should be directed to or membership inquiries to Changes to activities will be communicated to members where possible.

Regular Evening Activities

Monday Men's Night House league from 6:30 - 11:00 pm 
Tuesdays from 7 - 11 pm Intercounty B games 
Wednesday Ladies Night House league from 6 - 11 pm 
Thursdays from 7 - 11 pm Intercounty C games 
 Friday evenings 1000 Balls Mixed Social Event 7 to 8 pm
Sunday Afternoon 5 to 7 Mixed House league four times a season

Regular Daytime Activities

On Mondays during the day two courts are used for TLTL practices and lessons in the Spring 
On Wednesday mornings in May and June, three courts are used for TLTL games. 
On Thursday mornings from 9 - 11, three courts are used for Mixed House league, in the Spring. 
On Thursday mornings from 8 - 10, three courts are used for Mixed House league, in the Summer. 
On Tuesday mornings from 7 - 9 am, two courts are used for early morning workout with the Pros. 
In the spring, junior lessons are scheduled after school 4 - 6 pm daily, on three courts. 
Summer camp for Juniors begins at the end of June on two courts 9am - 12 noon and one court 12 - 4 pm daily, except Thursday mornings when Mixed House league is held. In the fall, the junior after school program uses 3 courts from 4 to 6pm.


Rosethorn Park, 26 Remington Drive, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

(NOT a mailing address)

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